Re-design flyers for Kitsap Strong.
Mr. Blow!
Abnormal Anonymous is a wallpaper company that has various vintage wallpapers you can pick from. Abnormals Anonymous always mails out samples to interior designers as a request to see their wallpaper designs and hopes to collab with them. The problem is the boxes that are mailed out, are just white and with no personality. I decided to do hand-lettering saying the word “wallpaper” in many typefaces I can fit. My goal was to show different ways to write the word wallpaper and show that “wallpaper” can have various personalities. I also added their identity brand Mr. Blow to show that Abnormals Anonymous gives you a big welcome.
Kitsap Mosaics & Bistro
I had the opportunity to rebrand Kitsap Mosaics & Bistro logo, letterheads, envelopes, website and merchandise.
Kitsap Mosaics & Bistro | Re-Design
Fragmentation Posters
A Series of 3 Type-Photography fragmentation posters for the Driftwood Players' 2016 Theatre.
The Story of Sushi
I designed and illustrated a book cover as an assignment from the Northwest College of Art and Design. I redesigned one of my favorite books titled The Story of Sushi by Trevor Corson. I started out with a pattern of sushi using vibrant colors for the front cover. Then I played around with the book title by overlapping my sushi pattern to it. The back cover goes more into detail about The Story of Sushi, and inside of the flaps, on the left side, it talks about the author and on the right side are the reviews. My goal was to combine my illustrations with design elements.
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